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Whiskey sour

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2 tbsp tbsp Water Water
70 ml ml Whisky Whisky
1 pieces piece Lime Lime
2 tbsp tbsp Sugar Sugar
1 handfuls handful Ice Cubes Ice Cube
1 pieces piece Egg Whites Egg White

Whiskey Sour

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5 min


Cooks notes: you could use lemon here as a sub for lime. The bitterness of the lemon works so well in this drink to give it a fresh, sharp kick. You could make a simple sugar syrup here, but to save on time, shaking it up in a jar until the sugar dissolves works well.

Equipment needed: cocktail shaker, serving glass

1. Shake the sugar and water together in a jar with the lid on until the sugar has dissolved.

2. Make a lime peel to garnish by using a peeler to take a thin strip off the outside of the lime, twist and set aside.

3. Add the sugar syrup to a shaker along with the whiskey, lime, ice and egg white. Shake until it becomes frothy.

4. Add a bit of ice to a chilled glass and pour the cocktail through a strainer over the ice. Include some of the froth as well on the top if it doesn’t make its way through the strainer.

5.Top with the lime peel to serve.