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Whipped Coffee

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2 tbsp tbsp Instant Coffee Instant Coffee
2 tbsp tbsp Caster Sugar Caster Sugar
1 handfuls handful Ice Cubes Ice Cube
250 ml ml Milk Milk

Whipped Coffee

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5 min


Cooks notes: Dalgona coffee is an indian drink known as phenti hui. With only 3 ingredients it’s super easy to make, you can use any type of instant coffee but this instant espresso powder creates a delicious topping on the coffee. Similarly you canuse a light milk or alternative dairy milk here also. You may need to adjust the milkquantity depending on the size of your glasses.

Equipment: electric hand mixer

Serves: 2

1. Add the coffee and sugar to a medium mixing bowl with 2 tablespoons of just boiledwater. Mix with a handheld mixer until light and fluffy, marshmallow consistency.

2. Fill two 250ml glasses with ice and divide the chilled milk between the glasses.

3. Top with the whipped coffee and serve