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The Perfect Cup of Tea

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5 min


At Lidl, we have a special routine to makingour tea... Have you ever made a cup of teaand used the time to reach out to that youngperson close to you? Why not try it?

1. Stick on kettle.

While the kettle is boiling, why not reach outto that young person in your life? They mightlike a cuppa and chat? Not sure how to orwhere to start? Have you recognised anychanges in their behaviour, mood, attitude?

They might appear angry, irritated, defensivebut they might actually be feeling embarrassed,confused, scared. Invite them to join you?

2. Pour hot water into cup with tea bag andleave to sit for at least 2 minutes.

While this is happening acknowledge them andwhat they’re dealing with - I’ve noticed youdon’t seem yourself lately. Is there anythingyou’d like to chat about? Are you ok? I am hereto chat any time.

3. Remove tea bag, add milk and sit next tothem and listen.

Create a space where they feel comfortable totalk, with no time limits and interruptions (putthe phones away!). Somewhere they can sharetheir feelings and you can listen to all theyneed to say.

One final ingredient: You.Be there. And Listen...

Find out how you can be #OneGoodAdult in ayoung person’s life at