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Lamb loin chops with sweet potato and Parmesan mash

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750 g g Sweet Potato Sweet Potato
1 tbsp tbsp Butter Butter
3 tbsp tbsp Olive Oil Olive Oil
1 knob knob Parmesan Parmesan
1 pinches pinch Rosemary Rosemary
1 handfuls handful Sage Sage
1 handfuls handful Garlic Garlic
1 handfuls handful Thyme Thyme
Salt Salt
1 half half Lemon Lemon
1 packet packet Lamb Chop Lamb Chop

Lamb Loin Chops with Sweet Potato and Parmesan Mash

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30 min


1. Firstly Marinade the chops in 1/2 the olive oil , herbs ,garlic, salt and pepper....the longer the better better but 30 mins will do.

2. Boil your sweet potato until soft, drain and keep warm.

3. Put your butter in a small pan and heat up over a moderate heat for 2-3 minutes... After a minute or two the butter will start to spit and foam then start to turn a nutty brown.. Keep an eye on it all the while as you don't want it to burn.

4. Add the nut butter into the mash along with most of the grated Parmesan and some salt and pepper ..

5. Scrape off any traces of garlic from the chops as it might burn.Heat up a frying pan,

6. Put the chops into the hot pan and cook for 2 minutes on each side and a further minute on the edges to crisp up the fat. This will give you nice pink chops... allow the chops to rest a little between 2 warm plates while you reheat your mash and dress the leaves.

7. Put the rocket in a bowl with the remaining olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice , season and serve with the mash ,chops and the rest of the Parmesan over the top.Finish the dish with an extra drizzle of olive oil for that extra bit of luxury.