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Espresso Martini

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700 ml ml Irish Cream Liqueur Irish Cream Liqueur
700 ml ml Vodka Vodka
60 ml ml Espresso Coffee Espresso Coffee
1 tsp tsp Vanilla Extract Vanilla Extract
1 handfuls handful Ice Cubes Ice Cube
White chocolate White chocolate
(shavings, to serve)

Irish Espresso Martini

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10 min


Cooks notes: if you’d like a chocolate or cinnamon version of this simply add 25g nutella to the ingredients before shaking and top with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon for serving.

Equipment needed: cocktail shaker, cocktail glass.

Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker along with ice,use fresh-from-the-freezer ice, as melting ice is too watery and will dilute the martini. You want the ice to smash up while chilling the liquid down as this is what creates the frothy top.

Once shaken, tap the side to break the vacuum seal and using a strainer, or strainer on the shaker, pour into chilled glasses. Garnish with white chocolate shavings.