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Chocolate Chunk Cookie

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225 g g Butter Butter
(fridge cold and cubed)
150 g g Caster Sugar Caster Sugar
150 g g Light Brown Sugar Light Brown Sugar
200 g g Self-Raising Flour Self-Raising Flour
300 g g Flour Flour
0,25 Salt Salt
1,5 Baking Powder Baking Powder
100 g g Pecan Nuts Pecan Nuts
500 g g Chocolates Chocolate
3 Eggs Egg
(lightly beaten)

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

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20 min


1.Mix the butter and sugars together. Don’t overmix as you don’t want it to become fluffy or too aerated, just mix enough so the butter breaks up and looses it’s cubed form and mixeswith the sugar.

2. Add the flours, salt, bread soda, baking powder, pecans and chocolate. Mix just enough to combine to create a powdery breadcrumb texture.

3. Mix in the eggs in until just combined.

4. Divide into 10 and freeze for at least an hour. Or store in the fridge until ready to eat, they can be baked from frozen.

5. Heat oven to 180C fan. Arrange the cookies on a large baking tray with parchment paper. Bake for 20 minutes until golden and risen. They should have kept their shape. Allow to cool for a few minutes.