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65 g g Almonds Almond
60 g g Cashew Nuts Cashew Nuts
120 g g Bran Flakes Bran Flakes
120 g g Dates Date
(roughly chopped)
60 g g Coconut Oil Coconut Oil
2 tbsp tbsp Honey Honey
200 g g Greek yoghursts Greek Yoghurt

Bran Flakes

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20 min


Bran flake, almond and cashew fruit breakfast pizza

This healthy, sweet breakfast pizza is a great way of getting the whole family to eat more fruit, although it looks good enough to serve at a special brunch too. For extra fun, serve the fruit in the centre of the table and let everyone load up their own slice.

1. Add the almonds, cashews and Bran Flakes to a food processor and blitz until roughly broken. Add the dates, coconut oil and 1 tbsp honey and blitz again until the mixture clumps together.

2. Press the cereal mixture into a 20cm round loose bottomed tart tin and level with a spatula. Pop in the fridge to chill for 2 hours, or until set.

3. To serve, spoon the yoghurt evenly over the base, leaving a 1cm border. Decorate with fruit of your choice, mint leaves and a drizzle with remaining honey, slicing into even pieces before serving.

Add colourful mixed fruit and berries to garnish andmint sprigs if desired.