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 Amaranth or Quinoa with Peas and Radish

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Salt Salt
1 bunch bunch Onions Onion
4 tsp tsp Mustard Seeds Mustard Seeds
2 tbsp tbsp White Wine White Wine
1 Pepper Pepper
1 Radish Radish
75 g g Rocket Rocket
200 g g Quinoa Quinoa
(or Amaranth)
100 g g Peas Pea

Amaranth or Quinoa with Peas and Radish

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50 min


  1. Add the 600ml of Amaranth or Quinoa to lightly salted, boiling water and cook for 30 minutes.
  2. Add the frozen peas, remove the pot from the hob and let seeds soak for about 10 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, finely chop onions.
  4. Fry onions for 2/3 minutes in hot oil, add mustard seeds and cook for 2 minutes, add vinegar, salt and pepper, stir and divide into bowls.
  5. Wash and slice radishes.
  6. Clean rocket and sprouts.
  7. Add the remaining onions and radishes to the Amaranth/Quinoa and sprinkle with pepper.

Tip: If you do not want a vegan option, try stirring in some fresh cheeses.


Fat26 g Carbonhydrates39 g Protein9 g kCal449 Kilojoule1881